March 22, 2017:  It has been a while since you have heard from me. January and February have become months of reorganizing and recovering from the Fall shows. I had one of my Tucson doors on metal in the Contemporary Art Show at the Library in Cave Creek. I will be having one of my flower photos in a 16x16 canvas shown in a gallery in Carefree for the month of April.

I have been working with my committee planning the Arizona Sage Art Market, coming up in December and/or February. More about that later.

I am also working on incorporating some quilt tops from the 1920's and 1930's into my bags and calling them "Purses with Provenance". It's wonderful to see the progression of certain fabrics from feed sacks, to clothing, to quilts, and now to messenger bags! It's the ultimate recycling.

Stay tuned!
October 24, 2016

I am gearing up for the upcoming Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour in Cave Creek, Carefree, and North Scottsdale, AZ.  188 artists will be exhibiting in 47 studios scattered throughout the area. I will be exhibiting at Studio #27, Pat's Glass Studio.  New items this year are my photo messenger bags and photos on aluminum.  The dates are Nov. 18-20 and Nov. 25-27.  Please stop by!

I will also be participating in a Holiday Show called the Arizona Sage Art Market, and it will take place on Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3.  There will be 40 artists, and it is a juried show.  The show will take place at the Foothills Community Foundation, on 60th St. in North Scottsdale, next to the YMCA.  It is a beautiful indoor venue.
June 11, 2016:   My latest project is putting my photos on the flaps of the messenger bags which I sew.  They come in 3 sizes, and it has been great fun matching fabric with the photo to get just the right effect.  They will be for sale at the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour in Carefree/Cave Creek/Scottsdale AZ, the last two weekends in November.

March 10, 2016:

GREAT NEWS!  I have started putting my photos on fabric, and showcasing them in an entirely different way.  I am sewing messenger bags with my "photo" fabric.  They will eventually come in 3 sizes: mini, midi, and maxi.  Shown here is the first of many to come.  I used a photo of a bed of flowers taken at Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island, BC.  It will be great fun to continue to match my photos with an amazing variety of fabric covers.  This messenger bag has 3 inside pockets, one with a zipper, a magnetic closure, and an adjustable strap, so that it can be worn cross-body or on the shoulder.  There will be more to come!
February 8, 2016

January was a quiet month, and a time for reflection.  I am pleased to announce that I won second place in the Carefree Desert Gardens Photo Contest. The winning photos are on display for public voting at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek.  Mine is #16. If you are in the area, come and see all the entries and vote for your favorite!
I have started doing some experimentation with making messenger bags, with the idea of putting some of my photos on fabric, and making them into bags.  The first one turned out great!  It has 5 pockets, and is very handy for carrying laptops, iPads, notebooks, etc., plus a lot of other stuff.  It is big! I will now be trying them in different sizes and eventually, to put my photos on the fabric I use.  Stay tuned!

December 22, 2015 -- Well, a month long series of shows is over, and it is a time for rest and reflection.  The two weekends of Hidden in the Hills studio tour was fantastic. I met so many interesting people, and got to talk about my art.  What could be better than that?  The Arizona Sage Art Market was a wonderful event (I was on the organizing committee).  It was indoors, had juried artists, and no item was over $300.  It was its first year, and we are already planning for next year!  The Holiday Artisan Market at El Pedregal went for 3 days, and it was outdoors.  It was cold and we had some rain, but there were enough brave souls that attended, making the show a great success.

So now it is time to enjoy the holiday season, and get some much needed rest!  In January, I will be starting to work on some new projects.  Be on the lookout for some jewelry (what?) and some more items made with my photos on fabric.

Happy New Year!

Betsy's Blog

November 8, 2015:

I have been very busy preparing for 3 upcoming shows:
1. Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour -- Nov. 20,21,22 and Nov. 27, 28, and 29
2. Arizona Sage Art Market -- Saturday, December 5.
3. Holiday Artisan Market -- December 11-13.

Please see details on these events on my "Upcoming Events" page.
I would love to see you at any of these events!
August 26, 2015 -- Well, it has been a while since my last posting. Things slow down in Phoenix in summer:  snowbirds leave, restaurants close, art fairs are non-existent and it is hot!  I am gearing up for the fall and winter seasons, which will be quite busy.  I am looking forward to taking a trip in September to Monument Valley and Hunt's Mesa with a group of women, sponsored by Arizona Highways Magazine.  Below is a description.

"Monument Valley offers some of the most unique photographic settings in the country. Its windswept mesas, massive rock monoliths and rippled sand dunes make striking subjects for photographers. On our first day in the valley we will have a sunset shoot at the famous Mittens butte overlook. The following day we shoot the sun rising at Totem Pole, a unique rock spire remain from an eroded butte, and continue our day stopping for scenic images as we travel to Hunt’s Mesa. 

Capturing the vastness of this Navajo Tribal Park land filled with magnificent sandstone formations at heights of 400 to 1000 feet can only be commanded from a special high point on Hunt’s Mesa. For one memorable night, Navajo guides will take us on the Mesa where the views at sunrise and sunset will leave you wanting more. From there our trip will continue enchanting us as we visit Tear Drop Arch and witness a Navajo sheep drive across the a orange desert sand."

I will let you know how it goes!

March 25, 2015 -- Had a wonderful three days at the Sonoran Arts Festival in Carefree, AZ.  Met lots of wonderful people, customers and fellow artists alike.  The weather was beautiful, and the Arizona sun just helped my photos sparkle!
Feb. 26, 2015

Here's a sample of some mini-easels that I will be selling at the Sonoran Arts Festival on March 20, 21, and 22.  This will take place in downtown Carefree, AZ.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop on by!

December 18, 2014:

Well, I have survived FOUR three-day shows in 5 weeks!  I'm ready for a break.  I will be volunteering at The Gallery at El Pedregal, where 5 of my works are being shown.  The Sonoran Arts League recently acquired this beautiful space, and it is up an running.  Stop by, if you are in the area!  El Pedregal is on Scottsdale Road where it crosses Carefree Highway.
November 28:
 I am in the midst of a second 3-day weekend of the Studio Tour called Hidden in the Hills.  I am having a ball, and meeting some wonderful people.  If you are in the area, please stop by Studio #47, located in the heart of Cave Creek.  I am on the back porch in a beautiful space!
NOVEMBER 17, 2014

The Fountain Hills Art Fair was so much fun!  But I am now preparing for the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour this coming weekend, and the weekend after Thanksgiving.  If you are in the area, don't miss it!  I will be at Studio 47, which is located in the Sonoran League Office & Gallery.  Hope to see you there!
NOVEMBER 10, 2014

The Fountain Hills Arts and Crafts Fair will begin this Friday, November 14, and go for 3 days.  I will have a booth there (B56) and if you are in the area, I would love to see you there!

I also wanted to let everyone know that I was one of 13 winners in the Desert Foothills Land Trust photo contest.  We had to submit photos of Black Mountain or Daisy Mountain.  My photo will appear in a calendar for 2015.  If you want to see the photos, you can go to and look under "Projects and Programs" and then "Photo Contest".
September 13, 2014

Just wanted you to know that I have added another link on my "Store" page for online ordering, to give you another option besides Etsy.    If you click on the green icon "Order Online",  you will be taken to the online store that I have set up with Square.  You will be taken directly to my page, and you can order my photos.  I do not have many photos up yet, but I am working on it!
September 12, 2014

Another beautiful sunset in Arizona.  This was taken in Tonto National Forest, northeast of Phoenix.  There wasn't a soul around.

September 3, 2014

I have been doing some exploring the beautiful state of Arizona lately, and have found some incredible wilderness places close to home.  My husband and I were headed up to the Tonto National Forest the other day, traveling on a dirt road that sees very little traffic.  However, as we came around a bend, we saw lights flashing on police cars, and a helicopter parked in the middle of the road.  Turns out that a man accidentally drove his car off an embankment.  Rescue crews were extricating him from his car, stabilizing him, and they eventually took him away in a helicopter.  Since we were delayed on our journey, I grabbed my ever ready camera, and got a neat shot of the helicopter taking off.  The dust that the rotors kicked up looked like a kind of surreal fog in this shot.

August 19, 2014

We are having quite a series of monsoons this August in Arizona, and we are being treated to some spectacular weather.  There is something wonderful about rain in the desert, but monsoons add a drama all their own.  I like rain, I like clouds, I like it when the temperature drops 10 degrees in 10 minutes.  And I love taking pictures.  An ordinary desert scene is transformed when a monsoon comes to town.  That's why I strapped on my camera this morning,  and drove (in a high rise vehicle) to capture what I could.

August 15, 2014
I have just added 8 photos to my website, so check out the Galleries!
July 25, 2014
I have been spending a lot of time this summer preparing for some Fall shows in the Phoenix, AZ area, but I have also had a chance to do some traveling.  I discovered an abandoned town off of Interstate 10 in the California Desert.  I had driven by this place a lot, and was always curious about it.  But on this last trip, I decided to take a detour.  Abandoned towns have always fascinated me making me wonder why they were started in the first place, and what caused everyone to leave.  This town had abandoned houses and railroad tracks and gas stations.  In a strange way, these abandoned places have a certain beauty, a starkness, a faint memory of what life used to be like there.  The people are gone, but the objects they built are still there, lone inhabitants of the desert.

June 14, 2014

I have been very busy putting my photos up on Etsy making them available now for sale.  it is a slow process, but I just keep plugging away.  So far, I just have unmatted prints available for all my photos.  I will then move onto matted prints, mini-easels, and canvases.  So stay tuned!  Just go to the Store page, and click on the Etsy icon.  It will take you directly to my shop.  Thanks!
May 7, 2014:
Had a wonderful trip to Sedona on an Arizona Highways Women's Photo Retreat.  We surely packed a lot into 3 days!  On Friday, we went on a train ride through beautiful country up near Cottonwood.  The vistas were amazing, and we got lots of great shots.  On Saturday and Sunday, we got up at 4:15 for sunrise shots.  We also took in some sunsets.  We had a great time going on a jeep tour over some pretty bumpy roads --- but the views made it worth the drive.  It was wonderful traveling with a group of women, and we all learned a lot!
April 6, 2014:  I'm very excited to report that I will be going on an Arizona Highways Photo Retreat to Sedona in a couple of weeks!  It's a women's retreat and we'll be traveling through the Verde Valley and on up to Sedona.  Our leader, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry,  knows all the best places for the very best photo opportunities, and her very capable assistants will be there to guide us through and help us along the way.  We will be concentrating on getting out before dawn and hanging around until sunset, as the light is best at these times.  We will also have sessions where we share photos that we have taken, and our instructor will critique them.  I am really looking forward to this.  I will make a full report when I get back, or maybe even along the way.  I leave on April 24, so be on the lookout for some new photos!
    March 1, 2014

Just reporting in on my first Arizona show - the Great Fair Fountain Hills.  It was last weekend, and it was fabulous!  It was very well run and organized.  Thousands of people came each day, and I had a wonderful time talking to people who stopped by my booth.  They were from all over the country, and I really enjoyed our conversations.  The other vendors were so helpful and fun to be with.  We had a great "backyard" behind the tent and the weather couldn't have been better.  We really enjoyed watching the fountain spurt 500 feet into the air every hour!  Friends stopped by, and Steve and I made a bunch of new ones.  And I did very well!
Friday, Feb. 7, 2014

Well, the countdown continues to the Great Fair in Fountain Hills.  In preparation for my first Arizona show, and the first show where I will have the entire tent for display, my husband and I set the tent and pro panels up in the dining room!  Thank goodness we have high ceilings in our home.  I matted a lot of my prints, had note cards made with an Arizona theme, and hung the canvases in a pleasing and logical way.  It looks really great, and this will make it easier when we have to set it up at Fountain Hills in two weeks.  I ordered more prints, mini-easels, and canvases to reflect the Southwest landscape.  It should be fun!
Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exciting News!  I will be participating in the Great Fair in Fountain Hills, AZ in February!  It's a wonderful event, that draws thousands of people.  It's a beautiful town, and the weather should be perfect.  There are 500 vendors, and I am excited to be taking part in this art fair.  The dates are February 21, 22, and 23.  For those of you in the area, I would love to have you stop by.  It should be great fun!  I'll keep you posted with the latest news.  It will be great to be participating in an event such as this in my home state!
Saturday, December 14, 2013:

Had a chance to go to Colorado for Thanksgiving, and one day we bundled up and went to the mountains around Estes Park.  It was very cold, and the wind was unbelievable.  I hopped out of the car to take some shots, and at one point, I was blown into the car because the wind gusted so badly.  The pictures look tranquil, but you can look at the peaks, and see the snow being blown around on the tops.  Still, it was a pleasant change from Phoenix, and gave us a chance to dress up warmly.  I even had to buy a pair of gloves.  Haven't worn them for a while!  I had a great time, taking pictures of snowy peaks, stark white aspens, and an occasional deer.  Delightful!
Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

September 5, 2013
Just returned from a wonderful three day show in Hermosa Beach, California.  The weather was great, the people were friendly and interesting -- who could ask for more! Fiesta Hermosa can be a little overwhelming, but we were down at a quiet end, surrounded by wonderful artisans, and relatively free from commercial vendors and booths filled with mass produced items.  I had a chance to talk to people about my photographs and locations -- something I love to do.  The photo of Hydrangeas proved to be the most popular item this time, followed closely by the beach scenes.  I am looking to participate in a few more Southern California shows this fall, so I will keep you updated. 
 August 18, 2013
     Just got back from a wonderful trip to Minnesota.  It was a treat to see such a green place!  We were there for the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, but we did get time to do some sightseeing.  We went north along Lake Superior, visited a flower farm, and discovered Stillwater, Minnesota, a wonderful little town on the St. Croix river separating Minnesota from Wisconsin.  I got my fill of flowers at Renee Arcand's flower farm, just outside of Stillwater, where she grows a wonderful variety of flowers for her cut flowers business.  We had a wonderful time exploring -- such a beautiful setting!
Just a reminder -- the Fiesta Hermosa will be taking place on August 31, September 1 & 2, in Hermosa Beach, California.  I will, once again, be having a booth there.  Drop by if you are in the area!

 August 3, 2013
     Well, we escaped the heat by going up to Flagstaff for a couple of days.  It was wonderful to experience the cooler weather, tall trees, green grass, etc.  And it was great to spend some time outside.  We really miss that during Phoenix summers (which really extend into October!).  We hiked the local ski area there and got some nice pictures.  Next week we head off to Minnesota and the Bayfront Blues Festival in Duluth, where Jett is performing.  We have scheduled a tour of a flower farm, so I am looking forward to getting some great pictures!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013:
    Well, I have signed up for my next show.  It will be Fiesta Hermosa, once again, and the dates are August 31, September 1 & 2.  Jeff and I will once more be sharing a booth.  I have branched out a bit, and I am including some items that I believe will prove popular with those attending.  I now have mugs, note cards, post cards, coasters, and refrigerator magnets.  The majority of these have a Hermosa Beach theme.  They came out beautifully, and I am excited about presenting them to the public.

 Sunday, June 23, 2013
      Summer in Phoenix is a time when everyone goes indoors.  We are trapped in our homes as the temperatures routinely go into the triple digits.  So, since I am an outdoor photographer, I must plan some trips!  In August, we are heading up to Duluth, MN, to the Bayfront Blues Festival where Jett is performing for the second year in a row.  We will meander through the Pacific Northwest, and I will be on the lookout for flowers, landscapes, and seascapes to add to my collection.  We are also looking into some art fairs in California starting at the end of August.  I'll keep you posted!
 Tuesday, May 28, 2013
     Well, I just participated in my first art show!  My son, Jett, and I shared a booth at the Fiesta Hermosa in Hermosa Beach, CA over Memorial Day Weekend.  What a blast!  I talked to lots of people, and I just love doing that.  We talked about my photos, the techniques I used to develop them, places I have visited, etc.  I found out how to change the color of hydrangeas through the use of fertilizer, found out how many people have actually visited Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island (a lot!), who would like to be playing golf right now outside the Banff Springs Hotel, and so on.  It was a fun three days, and it will take me a while to process the whole event.  I had requests to take pictures of tulips, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and even cows!  I will keep you posted as to the location of my next show.

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!  I will be participating in a trunk show at El Pedregal Gallery in North Scottsdale next weekend, Feb. 21 and 22.  I will be selling mini easels, so drop on by if you are in the area!