About Betsy Anderson

I am originally from Massachusetts and I grew up there. However, since then I have lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, upstate New York, Michigan, Louisiana, Colorado, and Arizona. I love to travel and photography has always been a passion of mine. When I go out, I always seem to be framing a shot, and looking at life as though I am looking through the lens of a camera. It’s just what I do.

Ever since I got my first digital camera in 2007, the whole world of photography really opened up. I could now take lots of photos, and choose the best ones. Editing photos, enhancing the color, cropping them, etc. allows me to get the unique perspective I am looking for.

My photos have been printed onto the finest archival paper, canvas, aluminum, and fabric, ensuring that they will last for a very long time, and maintain their integrity. 

I am happy to announce that some of my photos are now for sale.  Please click on the "Store" button for further details.

Preserving the beauty of the world around us is my passion.